What Is LOVE?

Is it an emotion or a concept or was it seeing happy couples hand in hand when she walked thorough the streets or travelled in the metro, she always saw the happy ones and the unhappy ones. The one who always inspired her to be with someone and the ones she would see and think of falling in love with anyone. she was scared to fall

Her concept was somewhat confused with what she saw around and what she wanted, still she was so fascinated by love that wanted to be loved and don’t wanted to be loved at the same time. she always thought about the difference between the happy and not-so-happy ones, were they not able to handle each other or were they not really in love because she once heard “love never fails and if it fails it is not love” she never forgets this one. she thought of all those people who ended up after 5,6 or even 10 years. it was nothing wrong but were they really in love she often ask herself this question or were they just attracted to each other and it gradually faded and went away.

she saw the cute old couples who would still go hand in hand complementing each other and then on the other side she saw the young one who were just in a relationship.

Her love was difficult to understand you can also call an old fashioned one but she wanted a lifetime and it was too much to ask for. Her soul was waiting for the one who would never say she is asking for much because all she wanted was love.

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  1. True line…..”love never fails and if it fails it is not love”……I think love is understanding each other….accepting each other in the way u are…….adjustment with each other…..then only love can go hand in hand……till ur last breath… u…..

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