For the generation

Today i don’t know what I should write. I just want to write because i want to write. A way to express your thoughts so today when I was sitting with my mother while changing the channels she stopped on sanskar scared that next moment i would say ‘ma what are you watching’ but I didn’t because sometimes you should see what your parents see and today if a teenage or a person like me would tell my friend that i was watching sanskar the next reaction would “ dude are you serious” “aur kuch nhi mila kya” or “tujhe kya ho gaya”. But frankly speaking i have no problem in watching something that would me teach me in some way

So while watching that person who was speaking on bhagavad gita started with a topic where he said what are we giving to our generations? I think it is a very serious question that needs to be answered. Our ancestors gave us nature to nourish. The clear river and a pure environment and have you ever thought what are we giving to our coming generations a river full of garbage and animals eating plastic. A hypocrite world and where terrorism is linked to a particular community.

Where one country faces attacks and the whole world asks for peace and we Indians are suffering from this from a long time. I’m not saying there is anything wrong but my point is why people dying in our country so normal where it is not in other country. Why our politicians start attacking each other rather than standing together. Where are the gems of our country? Why we Indians haven’t ruled any other country yet maybe our morals don’t allow that. Maybe you know the answer better. Water which is not clear or food which is not pure, the natural calamities because we humans need more space or the roads. The world where we don’t know what is right or wrong.

Have you ever thought what you are leaving for your coming generation if not then start thinking.

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5 thoughts on “For the generation

  1. Funny you should ask… I lost my Mom, my favorite aunt, my precious mother -in-law, my best friend , my son-in-law and two cousins within a nine month period of time. It really made me ask this very question. My aunt was the ‘keeper’ of the family recipes. She was a great cook and taught me everything I know. when she died suddenly,God put an urgency in my heart to write a family cookbook with a lineage in it. done! 🙂 Yesterday I finished the first editing of my first published inspirational poetry book. Yahoo!! I love this question!!

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