Hardships are blessing

Hard times come in everyone’s life what matter is how you deal with it. Isn’t it?

Have you not felt like you have left with nothing, good for nothing when people are just disappointed from you and you don’t know where to go, you don’t want to wake up, face people, talk to them because then you have to tell them about what is happening and the sadness on your face will tell what is happening in your life.

I remember one such moment which was heartbreaking but that moment changed my life and I’m thankful that it happened and it proved that god has a bigger plan for all of us and these small disappointment and losing is for a bigger success plan. I still remember I was 16 but, believe me age does not matter when it comes to teaching and it taught me a lesson for life. Where my personal life or say love life was disastrous my career was horrible because i was just falling and waiting for someone to come and pick me up, but will someone? you are the only one who can pick yourself from any situation motivate for something better or cry for something that happened. Yes, it happened when people said you are good for nothing and i felt the same, I was ugly and a person with low self-esteem. I was not ugly by the face I was because I felt so, Rejected and lonely.

You know what I did I promised myself to stand alone. Alone in any circumstances, I did not care and told myself I will not look back till I achieve something. I can’t say I’ve still achieved something I’m still on my way but I’ve reached a stage where I’m mentally satisfied with what I’m.

Comfortable in my skin I believe till you are not comfortable confident about yourself and your abilities you cannot expect other people to see it. Find your strengths build them and get stronger not for other but for yourself so that in hardships you are able to stand alone, learn but not regret. Tell other people that yes I’m capable and I will reach the success and yes you will.

Your thoughts matter with your hard work

Believe, be confident and be comfortable


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