Rise in love

Falling in love was never easy for me. I always wanted to be loved but was always scared of falling in love. I wanted to raise in love but like all other girls I was conscious, conscious about my body, my face. I was not the one boys would easily fall for just like all those beautiful faces, perfect figure I was not the one, a shy girl. I wanted to be loved but I don’t wanted boys to fall in love with that beautiful face. all wanted someone to look for a soul. A soul that would calm me, the one could rely on. I was not the perfect one all I had was a smile and a small part of my heart I could offer to anyone. I wanted the one to love me for my flaws, not love me instead of my flaws. I kept searching for the light that small beam in the darkness but I realized people love appearance more that they love that person. So I decided I’ll just transform myself from that shy girl to a bold one, but I did not know that in the process I’m losing myself, for someone I was not. I didn’t know why I was there but the world inspired me just like all other girls. Red lipstick, high heels and that pout which was so needed. I just lost myself in being a pretty face.

Isn’t it strange that in this small world we all run after pretty faces and perfect shape when we can just love, love the inner soul that guide us to rise in love rather than fall.


4 thoughts on “Rise in love

  1. Beautifully written may God help you rise in love with that one Mr.perfect..but nevertheless even if you find a wrong one on the way never feel bad coz god is just showing u the path of finding the perfect one :*


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