I’m a women with different choices

Sometimes I feel it is so difficult to be women, No I’m not comparing neither i believe in that. Men face their part of challenges and women there. But as a women i know my part, We women don’t want to compare ourselves with men, neither below nor above. Why compare two completely different personalities.

Our society has generalized things, Barbie dolls with girls and car with boys if a girl likes cars she is called a tomboy. I mean why I am a tomboy i am a girl who likes cars, games and it is my personality, but I’m no less of a girl.

Starting with childhood out of every 5girls 2-3 are victims of sexual abuse. Some say and some just keep quiet and live with it all their life, Keeping it safe in their hearts just thinking about the reputation and the relationships.  If she knows how to keep relationships and she understands so she is more of a girl. 

We are told to compromise and share things, we don’t have a problem in that, but you should also teach your son, to do the same. I’ve seen in many houses where parents pamper their son more than their daughter although I was lucky enough because I never faced such problem, same rules for me and my brother. But does the problem end here, to say that your son will do more than your daughter and with my personal experience girls take care more of their parents than boys, they can play both roles, but can a man?  No, who would like to call himself girly. It is not their fault it is the fault of the society.

We all, yes we all are responsible for this.

In school, I remember there were different rows for boys and girls, separated into two, I was the one use to sit with boys and my mother still say I’m more of bold and straight kind of a person who is not scared of anyone, but does that make me less of a girl? Because you know girls are sensitive.

Isn’t it funny how a colour is related with personalities, pink with girls and blue with boys, I like black and football. I remember, I and my brother use to fight like WWE wrestlers, my favourite was the undertaker and his john Cena, but does that make me less of a girl? 

In periods, a girl is not allowed to enter the temple and in earlier times not even kitchen but why? Is she responsible for it, If not then why rules for things we humans cannot control. 

When a girl grows up she is told she needs to be more understanding as she is one who will handle the family, then why the man is called the head?  As a woman is responsible for raising a family so is the man. 

Life always walk with the two tiers one is a man and the other one is women, they both are equally important but in today’s world when we have become hypocrites, we need to understand that it is perfectly fine when a man can be held alleged for rape a women can also be. If a girl playing football or basketball wears sari one day, we have to stop reacting like, you are looking like women.

She is women with different priorities and choices but it does not make her less of a girl.   



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