From the heart <3

Every time the phone rings or the message comes she thinks it’s him.  He was away, not called her once not even asked how she was, she was tensed. She just prayed he was alright, she wanted to see him, touch him, love him. Was he just playing or he was really messed up, She started talking to herself, down with one two, three drinks because she had no other way to not think about him, she started calling him it was unreachable, she did not know what to do, she kept waiting for him to come one day, two, three days, week and months passed, her situation only got worse and one day when she was asleep he came back.

open the door he saw her on the floor, stands of hair on her face, he hold her in his arms, put in bed cover her with a sheet, cleans the house and keep the diamond ring right beside her, made breakfast, whisper in her ear baby I’m back, She opened her eyes saw him in front of her, thought of it as a dream till he kissed her lips and for the moment they fell again for each other. He fed her and she did not ask him any question. She loved him so much that she knew he will come, and he wanted to be something before he could marry her.

He knew she will wait for a lifetime; it was their trust which kept them bided. So they did not ask questions their eyes answered their silence. That morning they just made love to each other like never before.


6 thoughts on “From the heart <3

  1. Truly said a gal who loves a guy truly will wait for her lifetime. And the guy will go to any extent to make that gal happy .her happiness will be the most important thing in his life .


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