He is a keeper if he can touch your soul

While talking to a friend he suddenly asked me what you look for a boy, for him to be a keeper.

What is necessary?

What is necessary? I think anyone can answer that or maybe not, difficult as well as an easy question.

If you ask a girl what she look in a guy, she will give you a big list, but believe me, when she falls in love there is nothing, it is love that makes her fall for that person. You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to know how to love, how to stick with one woman, make her feel special, touch her soul and she is all yours. Women are not complicated they are very easy to understand, all they want is to be loved by a man who can commit to her.

I may generalize things talking on behalf of girls but you see just like you all say that not all men are same, we are also not same but one thing both of them want is loyalty and understanding and the one who cheats be it a boy or girl, no rules apply.

Loving someone is looking inside the soul, fighting with the fears, yours and the other person’s. She might not be as open as you want, give her space, give her time don’t rush into things you have a lifetime to understand. Never love with conditions, with a face, with beauty all can fade. Fall with the heart and even if she is not with you, she’ll be with you.

Next time doesn’t ask a girl what she wants in a boy it is just exactly what you look in a girl.


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