Word’s have destroyed me

I wrote a whole paragraph and erased thinking why would you all care about what i feel, but strangers understand better than those around you. It’s not like i don’t trust them, i love my people but sometimes it’s so hard to tell people that you are broken inside, we all are little broken and that’s fine, we have our stories, feelings we don’t want to share. Maybe we are scared people won’t understand.

the-power-of-words+copy                                    I just want to talk to you, because i know you won’t judge and I’ll just able to tell you what i feel. It’s not been long that someone said i love you but really long when they meant it. Hard to say but words are just words nowadays. People say, promise and forget, you know what my weakness is, i get trapped in words, words which make you feel comfortable and those words can break you or make you. I’m scared of those words, i don’t want people to say all the goody goody things but i want them to say the truth, too much to ask for?

Words have destroyed me. You know what, sometimes i feel i want to run away from people, from everyone but then i feel that is what I’m doing. I’m running away from my people, everyday i talk to new people thinking they don’t know me, they don’t know my story but slowly they start making me uncomfortable. They want to know everything the journey starts with i like you and i love you and ends with not talking to each other. Every day I’m losing people just because of these words, they have so much power but what i never understood till date is what makes them say those words they don’t mean. I mean even today when I’m talking to you i write what i feel, i cannot make stories write things i don’t mean, just to decorate with fancy words. How come people are so comfortable saying things which they don’t mean to their people? People in my life are for forever, i don’t make temporary relationships, just like our relationship. So good it is i just write what i feel and you read. We are here without any motive, just loving each other unconditionally. Why can’t people just say the truth without fooling? Is it so difficult, for me it is the easiest thing, you don’t have to pretend think or act, you are just the way you are.

 Don’t be with people because it would hurt them, don’t say words you don’t mean just say it from the heart and it will surely touch a heart.

One day you’ll find words with emotions. 


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