I was in love with him completely, madly like stars are in love with the sky, like the moon is in love with his light, getting up and hearing his voice was the first thing every morning. Seeing him sleep beside me, the morning face that calmness and a little smile on his face. We were together from past 5 years, living, eating, loving, and fighting. We never had breakfast together but i used to leave a note for him so that he doesn’t go hungry to work, preparing dinner for him was the best thing because we use to eat it together sometimes. I prepared it every day thinking he might come hungry, he was usually full.  

That night i was sitting on the sofa, i prepared all his favourite dishes, decorated room with flowers and lights like every year, with my birthday cake i was waiting for him to come. He didn’t wish me in the morning, maybe he was in a hurry or he wanted to surprise me. I was waiting he didn’t turn up that night; i took my glass of champagne and went to sleep, not disappointed. i loved him and i understood.

They all said they saw him with a girl she was beautiful, just like those girls he uses to see when we were in college but things were not same. We were married or just living together.

Everyday i tried, i tried making him fall in love with me again, maybe i know about everything but i don’t want to believe it, how can the person i loved cheat on me. I used to cry every morning seeing his face. I didn’t want to get up for the day there was nothing i could turn up to, i had nothing to keep. He was in love but not with me when he used to come home, i was never asleep i just showed him and that smile when he used to reply to her text. He enjoyed her company; he loved the food she made. They celebrated birthdays and gave expensive gifts to each other, every time i asked him he said it was gifted by his colleague or by the office and i never question backed. i didn’t want to lose him, i loved him.  He knew that i know about him and that girl but he never said a word and i spent rest of my days being with him even when he was never with me.



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