He was just irresistible, i remember the first time i saw him and he smiled, and from that day to today my love for him is constant. No ups and down, although i know it is hard to keep attention to one person with such dedication but there is something different about him.  Maybe the vibe, I’ve never felt such connection with anyone, the feeling is when you see hot chocolate brownie and you want to eat the moment you see it, and you crave for more when you finish. My craving for him is like a brownie. I can feel him every time i close my eyes and think about him and you know, what i see first is his mischievous eyes, and that evil smile, that smile girls would die for. I know I’ve been special, I’ve felt that way. I want to keep him forever, like never want to let him go, like my lips were meant to kiss his. I want to hear his comforting voice because when i hear him, all my pains disappear. The voice is impeccable and he is irresistible.♥♥


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