Work for Difference

It was a Sunday morning and just like all others i wanted to sleep, sleep all day, takes rest and a person who does nothing but, i think there were better things coming up. My friend told me about an NGO named LECIN she wanted to go, from a long time and i had to accompany her, seriously speaking i was too lazy to get up, get ready and then go out but her enthusiasm drove me towards it. Now you would ask what was  so special about this NGO, there are many, people are working  so it would be another NGO working for people but there was something different about it, something special, students didn’t work there for certificates, they didn’t work there for the recognition letter so that they could put in their resume and show that they worked with an NGO, they worked for difference, they worked for the little happy faces, the smiles on the faces, told me they were excited about everything that happens there, they knew everyone by name, they had their favourite teachers and the teachers knew what the kids like and that is the kind of relationship we should share with the kids, i was told, out of four Sunday’s one Sunday a session named as KALAKRITI takes place, meaning work of art, it worked as bringing out the talent in kids, and left with the rest they teach them, the kids made creative stuff that i still can’t make, 3d houses, lateen, coloured and ended with a competition with a beautiful message on safe environment and respect elders, isn’t it important to educate children about their environment, i never had such experience, saw students working with such dedication for kids encouraged me to stay there. As you know my curiosity never leaves me, i wanted to know more, more about these people who are working  i talked the girl who founded it, pretty and humble and too young to work, but such people give inspiration to work for others, she is a college student just like you and me and still working for the welfare of the kids without any personal motive, she also told that they are working in two places Indraprastha and Okhla. I know people only want to work with well-established NGO’s but is the motive is to work with the establish one’s or work on the ground level, work with people who want to make a difference, make a difference in the lives of other people not in theirs. Few are there but yes there are so make a difference

Thank you for the wonderful experience i had with you people. You are doing a good work LECIN, you inspired me to write and share what i felt, keep working hard and i love all the kids.


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