Her soul wanted him, he wanted her

He was a perfect dream she wanted to live

That dream she saw with open eyes

It was a rainy day, he offered her umbrella, and she took it even when she loved rain

She was scared to talk to him; scared of his reaction

There was nothing special about her; she was a simple girl who had nothing to offer

 He was one of those; girls never want to take their eyes off

He was full of colours and she liked black

 She had no idea about her way ahead

 And he was lost in her eyes, those lips he admired. 

There were many girls but she was the one he wanted to settle for

She never realized that he fell for her before even she saw him

 Those glances he used to steal

She was insecure, messed up but he held her in his arms to keep her away from the world

He wanted to hide her so that no one sees the love in her eyes. 

To him, her smile of flawless, not a thing he wanted to change.

 She never believed she saved his soul when he was drowning. 

That’s how they fell in love with each other.

 In an unexpectedly, expected manner they wanted to be with each other          





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