The Imperfect story

 She was 8 and he was 10, they used to play together, Scratching and beating each other, pushing one into the mud and then pulling  them out, it was unusual. Their friendship, it was not like all other, being good to each other, they were one hell of the friends who never hold hands but kicked. She was more of a person who loved fighting than playing with dolls, in school she used to beat children not listening to her, one dominating and stubborn girl. She was pampered and he was only who never made her feel special maybe that’s why she liked his company.

        They are 20 now, but fights are still like 10yr old. Today she is about to tell him something, she did not know he was ready to hear or not, she just told him she is about to tell him and he has started to build castles, he did know what she was about to say.

Maybe she about to tell him that she likes him, and their childhood play has turned into love, he was nervous and anxious. He was avoiding this meeting today when both of them were always so excited, today they were nervous.

 She began to walk towards him, he was standing there in white shirt and black pant looking so handsome and she walked in her floral dress, touching the ground she then went and stand in front of him and started saying

I don’t know how to tell you this, i know i should have told you before, but i did nit knew how will you react so, i decided to keep quiet, listen there is someone i want you to meet, and he kept staring at her, this is jerry

A man suddenly came, with good built and perfect personality, he just did not know what to say, he kept quiet and listened to her, she said she love him and they have been together for a long time, but now they can’t hide it from her best friend so she had to tell that he is the man.

Ron was shattered maybe he was expecting something else, something more but Sia has always surprised him and it was the biggest shock he was getting, he never saw her with any other man so did know how to react, Tears were about to roll out of his eyes, Sia never saw this side of Ron.

She just went and hugged him and whispered in his ear, it’s all fake, and i love you, and kissed him on the cheeks. Ron was not able to let her go of his arms, thinking she won’t return back to him. She just stepped back and started laughing, Ron was unaware of what was happening with him, it was Sia’s way of telling him she loves him while seeing how much he cared for her.

It was always a perfect story with a bit of spice and twist, it was their weird love and life.



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