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The green leaf with pink flowers and a lighting diya, all looked perfectly beautiful in holy ganga, where everything was like a spark, the cold water as touches the feet enters the soul, the holy river offers you so much more than you realize, Diya’s all over the river like little cups of light have been left floating. Closing the eyes hearing the sound of water makes you forget the life you’ve been living, but the sad thing in the country of gods where we worship rivers, we are not taking care of our rivers, this trip Haridwar made me realize that people do pray to ganga but leave the left over there without realizing that it is causing harm, without being sensitive. I was sitting beside the river a young man came poured some milk and did his pooja while leaving he left the polybag there itself, i went him told him politely to pick it up and throw in the dustbin straight in front of him, but how many people can i stop it should be a joined effort, of every person reading this, not because we worship it but because it is our river and we should take care of it like it does ours. We are harming the nature every day by making malls, flats, buildings, so if any natural calamity comes we all are responsible for that because if you take nature’s space it will make way on its own, disturbing the balance of our comfort but aren’t we paying for that, the earthquakes, floods and so many mishappenings, are we taking care of the nature as we take care of our home? No, because we think it’s not our responsibility, wake up and understand that you want to go beautiful places for vacation but it your responsibility to make it beautiful.



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