Little love for self

And when those little drops of rain poured on my face, with my eyes close i could feel a drop on my soul, just like getting pure. I was just standing freely with the wind blowing my hair, with those rain drops, nobody was at home. I was happy and free from responsibilities; it was my day to take care of myself. It had been so long that i thought of me, Have you? Have you just sat with yourself, free from all the worries of life? When was the last time you counted the moments of joy in the day, why have we started to find joy with others, rather than finding it within ourselves?

Today i tell you to count the happy moments of your day or say yesterday; you might be able to count them on your fingers, but do you remember when you were 5yrs old and there were hardly any moment without joy, other person had to make you sad, when somebody punished you or scolded you. Now you find someone else to make you happy. I don’t know at what percent i am right, but our lives being stressed with everything today, in this race we are forgetting time with ourselves. Just sit with your eyes closed reflect on what you are doing, are you able to spend time alone, i hope you are not scared of that, many people are. Get comfortable in your skin because people will come and go and who will be constant in your life is yourself, know how to treat yourself with good gifts, be proud of yourself, because when your joy depends on others, you have to find a chance to be happy but, talk to your inner self, and it will guide you the best.

Jot down your mistakes, and write what you’ve learnt from them, write your strengths, i know you have many and know your weakness. It’s high time you work for yourself.

Stay happy and remember self is the first love ❤


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