YES or No?

*Part 1*

Last night when she was confused within herself, she knew nothing about what was happening. She just sat with her laptop thinking, seeing their pictures together laughing and cuddling. He was always the one she wanted, he made her fall in love so naturally that she didn’t know when she started loving him in their friendship. It was effortless and  natural. He never made her feel uncomfortable or made it awkward for her. He made her feel wanted and needed. Always a rigid person, he wanted to hear yes from her, and she never said no. Not because she was forced for a yes, but there was a magic within which never let her say so. He took care of her like a baby, she was a pampered child, her parents, her friends always gave her attention more than she deserved. He has seen all her phases, managed through her mood swings, cried with her and in that journey, they never realised when they became so important that live without each other was unimaginable. He has always been possessive of her even when her past has haunted her. He loved her scars those deep cuts were wounded. She could not ask for more and when today he proposed her in front of her family and his family, everyone was happy but she was giving a second thought because that decision would change her life for forever.


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