TRING -TRING


The phone was continuously ringing and she though who is it.

A name flashed after 2 years

She picked the call


Hey said Praniti from the other side

How are you? Asked Sneha

I’m fine

Started with a formal conversation, she knew something was not right

Time changed, after school, they moved to different places but their friendship was still a call away. Even after 2years, Praniti knew things were not fine with Sneha.

Their 16 years of friendship did not need phone calls and text to tell the other one was not fine just the intuition was enough. They held each other even miles apart. Their love was not calling, sharing everything with each other. But a little part lived inside, which cannot be taken away whether they see each other or meet after 5 years.

Something can never change one pure relation was their friendship.



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